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M,N := 49,85:
d23 := proc(i::posint, N)
  plots:-spacecurve(eval([x, t, sol15],t=ta+(tb-ta)*(i-1)/(N-1)),
                    x=0..1, numpoints=M, color=red, thickness=4):
end proc:
mk3 := proc(i,N) local temp; uses plots;
  temp := d23(trunc(i),N);
  if i=1 then temp;
  else display(temp,surfdata(AA[..,1..trunc(i),..]));
  end if;
end proc:
plots:-animate(mk3, [i,N], i=1..N, frames=N,
               orientation=[45,70], paraminfo=false);

@acer dear sir,thanks a lot..i am very much greatful to u..thanks a lot..bt i have a last question please solve this prb by using de alembert equation,it will be great helpful for me..


Again thanks a lot.   

@acer you are awesome in maple,thanks a lot for helping me,please do another help for doing above work..

thanks in advance sir

@acer, dear sir i want to move whole figure in 3D for in animation

Sir,Thanks a lot.bt can you help me another one? Can you give me code for animaing this 3D figure?please 

For this equation i want to know the 2D and 3D plot  

Plot and animation plot code of this example,please give me 

I want to know the solution process in maple using separation of variable for 1D wave equation 

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