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Dear Comrades, I'm trying to solve a system of coupled integral equations. Does anybody know how to use IntSolve? And what's the shared library? Do I have to download IntSolve from somewhere? And is this the best way to spolve integral equations if I did? Regards, Andrew
Dear All, Does anybody know how to plot a surface in 3d with only those points which satisfy a constraint? In particular I'm plotting the surface defined by the equation F(beta,Omega,delta)=0 using implicitplot3d. Unfortunately, I want to command Maple to leave out any points which violate the inequality h(beta,Omega)>0. Does anybody know how to do this? cmichael
Hello, I'm trying to export a worksheet in LaTeX format. It gives me a .tex file which requires a package maplestd2e.sty (not maple2e.sty) which I don't have. I found a file called maple2e.sty at and it works up to a point. Firstly I had to change the output tex file to require package maple2e.sty and more importantly it has equations running off of the edge of the page. Please help, Regards, A. Carmichael
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