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Hi to All! This is a true top secret story from Ph Dr S.Arlou When I was a callow youth at my first year at the university I was very proud of my high rate in general course of physics. Besides I was rather good at mathematics as I was able to add fractions and find derivative of functions. I had only one thing lift to study – mechanics of materials. To my greatest disappointment I couldn’t manage with my test work on mechanics of materials after twenty attempts! The only consolation I found in the team of the same unfortunate students. It seemed to me that a student with an excellent knowledge of physics had to understand mechanics of materials. Its roots according to my brilliant conjecture™ are hidden exceptionally in physics. What’s the matter? Years passed… More years passed… Some more time passed. All the time I tried to find the answer to my question, how mechanics of materials should be taught so that a child would be able to understand it, at least in general. During these hard meditations I had to be involved into absolutely useless things: post graduation studies, presentation of Ph.D. thesis, teaching at technical university, marriage at last. But Maple with its analytical potential burst into my life as a tornado. The answer came with a lightning speed. Mechanics of materials is short of the power of the power of analytical computing. We need as much of it as our head or laptop can contain. In one word I invented Mechanics of Materials™ only to converge teaching of mechanics of materials to discussions about weather, magazine Forbes ratings and so on… or discussing scientific problems which are far beyond from our standard mechanics of materials curriculum. My congratulations to all students on the occasion of a new academic year! Details
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Hello to All from Dr. Arlou Let's take few Structural Mechanics problems. ALL SOLUTIONS ARE ANALITICS IN PRINCIPLE Discussion question: Maple opportunities in Applied Mechanics Little example for students Winkler foundation
What do you think about it? This is a result of calculation by my package on Maple language.
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