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I understand your point. For all I know, the original poster is thinking that e is the eccentricity of some ellipse, or maybe the charge of an electron.

Obviously, caveat emptor applies in this realm. But evidence shows that the competitor takes seriously the value that mathematicians place in LaTeX.

Yes, I agree. Your solution is correct. I was referring to the solution in the post titled union

And pointing out that s1 is a expseq and not a set perfectly explains why using union/intersection in this context is dubious. One might expect that in this context, these operations will produce unions/intersections of solution sets. But they don't.

Whatever it is that "union" does in

s1 := solve(x^2+ 3*x + 2 >0, {x});

s2 := solve(x^2 - 9>=0, {x});

s3 := s1 union s2;

is dubious. If you replace "union" with "intersection" then Maple's answer is {}

But the intersections of the solutions sets to the two inequalities is non-empty:
solve({x^2+ 3*x + 2 >0,x^2 - 9>=0});
{x <= -3}, {3 <= x}
 So I don't think union and intersection are doing anything meaningful in this context.  

There are infinitely many functions y=f(x) for which the arc length of the graph between x=0 and x=1/2 have length 1.


So your question needs refinement.


Have you tried, in the "Select type of expression you want to accept" drop down list, selecting Maple syntax--eg diff(2*f(x),x)?

Are you using Classic or Standard?

Why not use a sequence to fill in the parameters like this:




If you look through Mapleprimes posts, you will see that Maple export to eps flares up frequently.

I don't think you are going to find a nice, direct, solution to your problem.

My current practice is to export to eps, then use an external agent to convert to pdf. The I use Adobe Acrobat Pro to crop off white space and do other fine tuning.

Then I include graphs in LaTeX by using pdflatex. Hence I skip over dvi and ps, and move right to pdf.

Older versions of Maple allowed me to use pstricks to fine tune eps graphs exported from Maple. This was Nirvana, and I was happy then.

I've also found continued and improved happiness with MatLab's export to eps.

Maybe this discussion will help

You could get your result by


Notice that we would not expect sqrt(x^2) to return x, since x might be negative.

But simplify(sqrt(x^2),symbolic); does return x.

It is such a frustrating problem that keeps raising its ugly head. Look at this, and the technical support solution:


Now that 64 bit platforms are becoming the norm, Classic is suffocating.






    if N mod 2=0 then N/2 else 3*N+1;

> N:=24;

> L:=[N];
> while L[-1]>1 do  L:=[op(L),f(L[-1])]; od;

> M:=[nops(L),L[-1]];




L[-1] is the last entry in the list L and op(L) is the list without its delimiters.

matrixplot might also be a good possibility.

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