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Suppose I generate a PLOT3D structure by p:= plot3d(f(x,y),x=-1..1,y=-1..1,grid=[3,3]): p2 := convert( p, POLYGONS ); Now I want to go through these polygons and throw away those that have a vertex far away from the origin (say more than 10 units), and then redisplay the trimmed structure. Is there a snazzy way to do this?
In the following qu file for a MapleTA question, if the RESPONSE is

{a<x and x<b} then after the question gets graded as correct, "Your Answer" appears incorrectly as {a<b}.
But if the RESPONSE is

{a< x and x<b} (note there is a blank space after the first inequality sign!) then "Your Answer" appears correctly as RESPONSE.

One could ask students to put the blank space in, but this should not be necessary. Any ideas?


question=Enter this and see what happens.

name=a< x< b@
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