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Hello everyone,

I'm not quite sure, if this is the correct place but i think i found a bug in the analytic integration tool in Maple.

Since i have the student edition and i didn't find a bug report form i will post it here:




intfAna:=int(f,x= -Pi + theta .. Pi+ theta);

intfNum:=Int(f,x= -Pi + theta .. Pi+ theta);

the last two statements yield:

                    intNum := -0.07343950362
                    intAna := -0.7853981635

Thus the numerical integrated value differes from the analytical result.

Since I also tried to integrate this with scipy in python I'm pretty sure that the numerical result is correct  and the analytical one is not.

Is my deduction here correct?

I have Maple 2018 here on my private PC. But at work i have Maple 2021 and the difference is the same.


Interestingly the analytic result seems to be -cos(theta)^2/4. If we plot the analytical and numerical integrand, we get:



Thus both integrands seem to be cosines of theta but the analytical has the wrong factor.

Thanks in advance!

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