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Dear all,

Thank you to help with the Fourrier serie of:

 f:=t->piecewise((-tp/2<=t and t<-b[0]/(2*Rs),0),(-b[0]/(2*Rs)<=t and t<=b[0]/(2*Rs),ix/b[0]),(b[0]/(2*Rs)<t and t<ty-b[0]/(2*Rs),0),(ty-b[0]/(2*Rs)<=t and t<=ty+b[0]/(2*Rs),-ix/b[0]),(ty+b[0]/(2*Rs)<t and t<=ty+tp/2,0));

ix:=10: Rs:=73.0e-3: b[0]:=Rs*4*Pi/180: b[t]:=Rs*6*Pi/180: ty:=10*Pi/180: tp:=10*Pi/180: plot(f(t),t=-tp/2..ty+tp/2,title=`signal to analyze`);





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