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Finished Ph.D. in Applied Algebraic Geometry in Biology and did postdoc in Mathematics of Chemical Reaction Networks, University of Copenhagen. Another postdoc in Nonlinear Dynamics in the Mathematical Models of Cell Biology at University of Szeged. Currently a research fellow at Coventry University. Main interests; Applied and Computational Algebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra, Mathematical Biology, Chemical Reaction Network Theory, Population Dynamics. I'm also a language lover!

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When one uses the PolynomialIdeals package, then how should he ask the elemnts in an ideal or the number of generators?

An idea can be writing a proc getting a polynomialideal and returning a list with the generators as its elements in this way. Converting the polynomialideal to a list, then deleting its three last entries. But I'm wondering if there is any other way to do this? It's reasonable to be able to ask generators of an ideal of result of some computations in polynomialideal package.


When we have a two variable function f(x,y), Maple can plot f-inverse of a value with contourplot. But how about contourplot of a three variable function? for example f-1(0) which can be a surface in the 3 dimensional space. The contourplot3d is just the contourplot (2-dimensional) which also shows the value of f(x,y) on the third axis. So this is not what I want.

Is there any command or package in Maple that computes blow ups? I didn't find blow up in the help.

I am computing some finite points in the plane. Then I'm using point style plot to plot them. My points have order and I want to conncet the i-th point to the (i+1)-th point with a line segment. I searched the help but I didn't figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do this in Maple?

Is there any method or a command to use or type so Maple start running something or evaluating and if it took more than a specific amount of time, then itself automatically stops itself without needing me to interrupt the evaluation?

For example let's say I wrote a proc, for some inputs it may compute the output fast but in some it may even don't answer after hours. Now I am writing a for and I don't know for which steps it can answer in less than a minute. So I like to add something so that Maple starts the FOR but in steps that it takes more than a minute, it automatically stops evaluation at that step and jump to the next step.

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