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@Thomas Richard 

I installed 2021.1 update und tried again. Now it works correct.


I just tried this example again on my computer (Windows 10, Maple 2021.0).
Now I get sometimes the error and sometimes not. Once the error disappeared it doesnt appear until I start Maple new.

I get the error, if I open Maple, press "new file" and paste the 2 lines.  (separately )


I do not get this error, if I press File->New->WorksheetMode

In the beginning for me, it looked like it depends on the way, how I create a new document.

But maybe it depends on the way how I paste the example.
Copy the 2 lines in an text editor:
ShowSolution(Int(sin(x)^2, x));

And then copy each line separately into Maple



No this posting is not from me.

Thank you for trying out with Maple 2017. As it works on your computer, it seems to be a version or configuration problem. 

If I run the sample with Maple 2019, the last command "fsolve" is not evaluated. Just compare the last line of my and your output.

I did edit the question to reduce the problem on this point.

restart; with(ThermophysicalData); with(ThermophysicalData[CoolProp]); fluid := "R717"; T__in := 310; p__in := 11*10^5; v__in := 10; A := 0.5e-2; h__in := Property(massspecificenthalpy, T = T__in, P = p__in, fluid); rho__in := Property(density, T = T__in, P = p__in, fluid); m := A*v__in*rho__in; p__out := 2*10^5; eq1 := h__out = Property("massspecificenthalpy", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = p__out, fluid); eq2 := rho__out = Property("D", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = p__out, fluid); eq3 := h__in+(1/2)*v__in^2 = h__out+(1/2)*v__out^2; eq4 := m = A*v__out*rho__out; res := fsolve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4})

[Chemicals, CoolProp, PHTChart, Property, PsychrometricChart, TemperatureEntropyChart]


[HAPropsSI, PhaseSI, Property, Props1SI, PropsSI]




















h__out = ThermophysicalData:-CoolProp:-Property("massspecificenthalpy", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = 200000, "R717")


rho__out = ThermophysicalData:-CoolProp:-Property("D", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = 200000, "R717")


1655640.947 = h__out+(1/2)*v__out^2


.4075663787 = 0.5e-2*v__out*rho__out


fsolve({.4075663787 = 0.5e-2*v__out*rho__out, 1655640.947 = h__out+(1/2)*v__out^2, h__out = ThermophysicalData:-CoolProp:-Property("massspecificenthalpy", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = 200000, "R717"), rho__out = ThermophysicalData:-CoolProp:-Property("D", "temperature" = T__out, "P" = 200000, "R717")}, {T__out, h__out, v__out, rho__out})






I'm using UltraEdit. This editor allows to convert the file from ASCII to UTF8.

When I do this, it works in Maple 2017.

Independend from the mpl-file, Maple 2017 has difficulties to distinguish "ü" from "ü":


> h1:="hüstel";
                         h1 := "hüstel"
> length(h1);
> h2:=StringTools:-Substitute(h1, "ü","ü");
                      h2 := "
> length(h2);
> fd := fopen(terminal, WRITE):
> fprintf(fd,h1):
> fprintf(fd,h2):


While writing this comment, I found something strange:

If I copy the command with the result into this editor, I get the following:

                         h1 := "hstel"
If I copy only the result  into this editor, I get the following:

h1 := "hüstel"





Found a solution for this. If the special character is coded with HTML, it is read correct.


end proc:

I read the file with

> read("test.mpl");
> test()


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