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These are questions asked by AndrewG

The word command for square root is sqrt.  What is the word command for square?  How to square all the values in a list?


I am trying to manually enter some data into some TimeSeries format and then use that in an Animated BubblePlot but there are few examples.  Can someone create an example to show some random data entered in as a time series so that BubblePlot can animate it?  I am having many problems with this.

How would I organize the data so I get the value "a" with it's following value in the first two positions on each set?


I want to get


This is of course a smaller sample size of something larger.  Can someone help me?


I'm drawing a complete blank on this. 

The probability of a branch breaking in a particular tree as someone climbs is 2%.  After the person has climbed over 40 branches, did any of them break?  I'm trying to set that up as a simulation in Maple but I'm not sure about how to do it. 

I guess if I generate a random number and it falls under .02 it breaks, is that how I determine that?


n := 0;
for i to 40 do
ran := evalf(rand()*10^(-12));
if ran < 0.2e-1 then n := n+1: end if:
end do:
print("Branch broke", n, "times")

I'm not sure I've got the probability right.


Can we rotate 3d text in Maple like this shown here?


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