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I just wanted to apologize for using "moment" for something that absolutely is no moment at all.

Moments would be in kN*m, while this is a simply a force / m.

As an engineer I am much more comfortable with the way Mathcad handles these things.


I've filed a technical support request. Let's see what they come up with. 


I consider this to be a very bad behaviour, as you see in this example. Units must be retained, and must not disappear, even when the value is zero.





temp := 0*Unit('`°C`')






convert(temp, units, Unit(Unit('`°F`')))








I'll have to go back to your rnd2 code once again.

Would it be possible to extend that to be able to use it for variables with any kind of units as well?

Like roundunit(15.131681381 m,3) -> 15.132m



Thanks, that was a very quick reply. And you are right, I have just found out about the "bug" with the mm's as well.

I tried to change the "Convert output Units" format and the first result was that there was no change.

But then I saw that this setting apparently can be set either to the entire worksheet or an execution group. Guess I have to play around a bit more with that. 

Thanks a lot for the



I've got a bug in my worksheet, would be nice if you could have a look at it.

I have finally managed to get it working thanks to the help from support and users in the forum.

The solution is as mentioned before by packing the code as a workbook package, and upload it to Maple Cloud as a package.

There was one more obstacle when trying to use the package - one cannot install packages from Maple Cloud via Google Chrome or a different webbrowser. Instead it is necessary to use the link from within Maple - Tools - Maple Cloud.

After the installation of the package, it is no longer necessary to refer to a library in the startup code anymore.

I have received a reply from Maplesoft Support which I would like to post here uncommented.


In Mathcad percent are handled as an algebraic operator, but that would be a problem because Maple already has a function associated with that. Mathcad does not have anything for "per thousand" (promille).

In my opinion this should be handled as a predefined unit in Maple.

On the wishlist to the developers?



Ok, thanks for the reply anyway. I'll wait and see what Maple support comes up with.

But if we put the workbook solution aside first, is there a solution where I can upload the .mla file to Maple cloud as a package, and use that from there?

Here's one example that uses a special package.


I have attached the example as a zip file, probably you can make something out of that. In addition I have also opened a formal support case on that issue yesterday, so I guess someone from Maplesoft will have a look at that in the near future.

Did a quick search on Maple Cloud also, and tried to find a public example including a workbook. Didn't find anything - though I have to admit that I skipped the ones with asian (chinese ?) characters in titles...


Thanks, here's the upload once again in a zip file.

Here's the Maple Workbook in question.


I think the answer might be to save the file as a Maple Workbook.

At least I am getting the same errors as in the Maple Cloud when working with the workbook format.

The question is - how do I use an attached Maple repository file (.mla) in the workbook?

The repository path is "this:///NODETre.mla" - so how I attach that?

libname := "this://", libname

gives a Maple Error regarding Kernel connection

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