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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Anyone else experiencing problems uploading Workbooks as MaplePackage to MapleCloud.

Very often it is not possible to upload a workbook as a package, but just as a normal Maple file. Takes a couple of tries with opening the file until it is possible.

I'm a bit confused about set ordering.

According to help there are those features

  1. object id (same kind of data-structures to be grouped togther)
  2. object length
  3. lexicographical or numerical orders
  4. recurse on components
  5. address

Have a look at the following set.

  • If object length has higher priority than lexicographical order, why is HBSEVO before LBS?
  • If lexicographical order has higher priority, which is HBSPLATEEVO after VGZEVO?


Would be nice if someone could add Maple 2021 to Software Change Requests list.

Right now Maple 2021 is unusable for us due to a big problem related to saving workbooks.

I've experienced problems a couple of times when trying to save a workbook in Maple 2021.

At first I thought it was due to a unstable VPN connection, but this also happens on a local drive.

Here's another basic question in programming, sorry about that.

This little program does a loop over a table which was just created, and thus empty. As far as I can see the for - do loop goes through the loop at least once.

Is there a way to change the program, so that it doesn't go through the contents of the loop at all?


i := table()

table( [ ] )



a := 0;










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