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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

While Maple itself is a pleasure to work with, the multitude and persistance of bugs in the Units package doesn't stop to surprise.

Especially as the same bugs come up again and again, after having been fixed i older versions.

In general, working with units and 0 is a pain in the ass. And this one doesn't even need a unit to compare with.

This one works in Maple 2022 - does not work in Maple 2023.

min(0, 0);

According to Maple help, the plots:-display function can be called with parameter (P).

P - a set, list or Array (one- or two-dimensional) of plot structures, or an animation structure

Both in the last section of the help function, and code in this example (, it apparently can be called differently.

  • display(A, B, view = [-3*Pi .. 3*Pi, -1 .. 1])
  • display(F, draw(B))

A, B or F, draw(B) er graphics objects, but the call format is neither a set, list or Array.

Is the explanation for plots:-display incorrect, or am I missing something here?

Recently, Maple takes quite long to start here, and I wonder if there are any hints about how to speed up.

Maple itself starts quickly, but opening the start page takes quite long.

Antivirus? Other settings?

I'm struggling a bit to understand the results of the following program.

Apparently variables are not being changed after the first run. Otherwise I can't explain the results of the last line.

Any idea how I catch that error?

(in geometry:-DefinedAs) wrong type of argument |C:/Users/andreas/AppData/Local/Temp/com.maplesoft/NODELibrary-0dc05fe4-0ffc9cfc/lib/NODEFunctions-13751:1976|

Here's the code:

        a := map(coordinates, DefinedAs(segm))[1];
        b := map(coordinates, DefinedAs(segm))[2];
    catch "wrong type of arguments":
        Alert(cat("Error, (in geometry:-DefinedAs) wrong type of arguments, variable segm: ", whattype(segm), segm), table(), 5)
    end try;

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