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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

I'm getting a strange error today when trying to save a file on the network. Rebootet machine, no change.

Any hints?

Can someone tell me why there is a difference between global and local variables in this code?

...cannot determine if this expression is true or false

Sorry to bother you with a basic question again.

How do I get both the indexes and the values of a table?


Anyone else experiencing problems uploading Workbooks as MaplePackage to MapleCloud.

Very often it is not possible to upload a workbook as a package, but just as a normal Maple file. Takes a couple of tries with opening the file until it is possible.

I'm a bit confused about set ordering.

According to help there are those features

  1. object id (same kind of data-structures to be grouped togther)
  2. object length
  3. lexicographical or numerical orders
  4. recurse on components
  5. address

Have a look at the following set.

  • If object length has higher priority than lexicographical order, why is HBSEVO before LBS?
  • If lexicographical order has higher priority, which is HBSPLATEEVO after VGZEVO?


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