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I am trying to solve the following system of ODE's given some initial and final conditions.

The original question I posed was whether I could control the output format of a complex array in MathML. I will pose the more general question, how could I customize the MathML output (much like LaTeX output can be customized)?





I am trying to export an array of complex numbers to MathML.

I would like the numbers to be formatted a.aa x 10aa + a.aa x 10aa i

Anybody know how to do this?





I am trying to force the conversion of



to its cleaner looking



Anybody know how to do this in a straight-forward way? I've tried convert...



I am trying to figure out a way for Maple to handle group action.

Specifically, I have a set of sets. Each set is has three distinct numbers between 1 and 6.

Under a permutation element from S6, this set should be mapped to another set.

For example [[1,6]] maps {1,3,4} to {3,4,6} (order is not important).

Anybody have a clever way to do this?



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