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I was able to sort my products in expressions like

aS+bc + bS+cS- + cb + others etc

by first setting up a commutation algebra for quantumops Sand  S-  .  Then when I expanded my expression to get results like above it separates out the operators without using SortProducts

abcS+ + bcS+S- + cb + others etc

This is what I wanted. 

 After that, however, I could not get SortProducts to rearrange to coefficients, like abc changes to bac  

But getting there.  Thanks Edgardo!


Hi guys

Thanks for answers and I think they would work, but I found a simple work around since I know the max power, n, of each equation, so just


subs(nx^2 = 1, %);
subs(nx^3 = nx, %);
subs(nx^4 = 1, %);
subs(nx^5 = nx, %);

collect(%, x)


not very elegant, but works

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