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I'm a calulus 1 student, using Maple to help write my homework assignments. I came across this problem I'm having with Maple 18.

I'm working on explaining analytically where the veriticle asymptotes occur on f(x) = cos*x/(x^2+2*x);

I get all of it done, and at the end I want to insert a plot of this function to finish my disussion.


This is very surprising to see Maple behave this way. What am I doing wrong? Or why is Maple not plotting a simple graph accuratly??


I just started my Calculus I class and I have a project to prove some various theorems. Maple rocks for this. 


How can I insert the Q.E.D. symbol (looks like a little black square) at the end of my proofs?

Hi all.

I'm a student learning Algebra.

I've been searching everywhere and cannot work out how to plot and analyze a function graphically in Maple.


For example, you can see in this video, There is a point for the Vertex of a parabola on the example


I would like to put things like this on my graph (Vertex, or X-Intercepts, or the intersection of 2 lines)

I can certainly find this information by using Algebra (vertex form, etc) but it would help my understanding to also visualize the functions graphically.

Here's an example compound inequality I'm working on.

Working it out manually.... 

Compound Inequality
4477.25 <= 4477.25+.25*(t-32450) <= 16042.25;

Distribute the coefficient
4477.25 <= 4477.25+.25*t - 8112.50 <= 16042.25;

Combine like terms
4477.25 <= -3635.25+.25*t <= 16042.25;

Add 3635.25 to all sides
8112.50 <= .25*t <= 19677.50;

Divide all sides by .25
32450 <= t <= 78710;


How can I ask Maple to simplify this compound inequality? Obviously this is not the correct syntax, It seems Maple doesn't understand what I want it to do.

4477.25 <= 4477.25 + .25 * (t-32450) <= 16042.25;

                       0.00 <= 0.25 t - 8112.50 and 0.25 t <= 19677.50                (112)


Also is there a way to ask Maple to only perform one step? In the above example, is it possible to ask Maple to "Distribute the .25", then show the result, next ask it to combine like terms, etc?

I'm having some trouble maybe someone can point out my error please. I'm using the Maple 18 worksheet to try some basic linear equations. The trouble is in the last step.


1.) I start with 2 ordered pairs (2, 14) and (14,18)

Then I put in my formula to discover the slope. I confirm it looks correct in the Variables window.

m := (y2-y1)/(x2-x1);


2.)  Next I input the values for my ordered pairs. I also confirm thru the Variables window.

x1 := 2;

y1 := 14;

x2 := 3;

y2 := 18;


3.) Now I can type m and expect to get an answer to what my slope is.


4.) Now I want Slope/Intercept form of y=mx+b. When I put in the formula y-y1=m(x-x1) i get a strange result


When I execute this formula, the result is y-14=4. (or thru context menu I tell it to solve for y, then I get y=18)


When I manually input the values, the output is y-14=4x-8 (or thru context menu I tell it to solve for y, then I get y=4x+6)

y-14 = 4*(x-2)




Why is my equation (y-y1=m(x-x1)) not executing properly?

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