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The problem with these software conventions is that they are arbitrary, and they change all the time with any major "upgrade".  Changing to <...> implies that I'll have to modify all of my Maple codes (for consistency), and that would be insane.  I have to stick with the same style.

In Mathematica, vectors are just a special case of a list with three components, and everything is written as matrices, with curvy brackets : {...}.  I think this is much more consistent and easier to read than <...> !

Why some software use <...> while others use {...}, or [...], or even (...), this is all arbitrary, and isn't absolute.  It may change with a new version (like what Maple did, apparently !).

@Carl Love 

I don't like this code.  It's harder to understand at a first view, and I really hate this vector notation with <...> that looks like the "smaller" and "greater" symbols.  These symbols doesn't make any sense to me.

With Maple 13, I don't get any "superceded", obsolete or any warning with my "old" commands.


WOW !  This is exactly what I needed.  Thanks a lot !

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