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@Preben Alsholm 

h is the unknow, and T = 1 in this case (but I'll change it in the future)

So, should i define the range of y?


Sorry, I miss some expressions.

I've corrected it.


Thank you! 

@Thomas Richard 

It seems good, but I still use Maple 18...

@Adri van der Meer 

Thanks a lot. This is what I want.

@Carl Love 

I cannot apply your code in my case, it returns the following  error,

"Error, dimension bounds must be the same for all container objects in an elementwise operation"?

@Carl Love 

Thank you very much.

@Carl Love 

If I want to limit x1 or x2 to number 10, 20 and 30, how should I do?

@Carl Love 

Thanks for your kindly help.

@Carl Love 

OK. Thank you.

@Carl Love 

It's also a good way to create this kind of loop computation.

But it seems that the recursive function will change case by case.

Anyway, thanks for your advice.

@Preben Alsholm 

Sorry... I cannot understand your code through a glance...
But I'm able to use your code to create the correct loop code now.
Thank you very much!

@Carl Love 

Thank you very much. This is really a good idea to use parse statement.

But, what does the first $ in your code mean? 

......"proc(", seq(cat("L",d,","), d= 1..n), "$)",......


It seems that it will create the following statement:

proc(L1,L2,L3,...Ln, $)


I have read the description of $ in Maple Help, but cannot find any example which has similar use.


Thanks for your kindly help.

@Preben Alsholm 

Ok, I see.

Thanks again for your help.

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