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I was a software developer in Math and Research groups in 2007-2012.  I reviewed most of the contributions from Maplesoft's academic research labs.  In addition, I was one of the maintainers of the math library in Maple.  My involvement in Maple started in my undergraduate career when I worked at one of Maplesoft's affiliated academic research labs.

I hold BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science from The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

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I agree with acer.  An example reproducing the error is appreciated.

Clare So
Developer, Math Software

Could past monthly/quarterly awards winners be nominated for the Maple Mentor of the Year?

I like the word "optimistic" to describe "right" software feature design!  :)

I like the word "optimistic" to describe "right" software feature design!  :)

What do you mean by clearly "right" design?

What do you mean by clearly "right" design?

You are one of the few profs I know who reads PhD comics!

Jacques, the combstruct hint made the trivia question too easy!

Is there an interesting story behind the name "Maplesoft"?  (You may need permission to talk about this.)

This hint is obvious to me.  You better ask her for permission before posting the answer!

Sorry, Jacques.  I still don't get it.  Is she still working at Maplesoft?

Note that "The seventeen provers of the world" shows the proofs but not the process of proving. You need to see a live demonstration to know how the proofs are generated. There may not be a good "Getting Started" guide for some proofs assistants. I have experienced the pain of using a proof assistant to proof some theories, including a failing attempt of proofing the ones in "The seventeen provers of the world". Other than getting used to the formality and logic, the learning curve of using proof assistants is pretty steep. The designers of proof assistants have attempted to increase their usability, but not all attempts are successful. Some proof assistants provide more automation than others (e.g. otter?). Beware that automation is a double-edged sword - It can destroy the usability of the proof assistant as well. Some proof assistants provide a "maybe useful" user interface (e.g. Proof General). These interfaces may not be useful for novice users. I am sure that Jacques can give more insights of using proof assistants. That's all for my two cents.
Jacques, Have you been able to formalize the semantics of ToInert/FromInert?
Yes, it is annoying to highlight the numerous commands that still "work". Note that commands such as "fi", "od" and those in linalg are deprecated. Reading older code with such a script is not the most pleasant thing, but it is important to discourage deprecated constructs in *new* code. It would be preferable to make "highlight deprecated commands" as an option in Vi/Emacs mode. I guess some of people who replied to this thread can recite the list of deprecated Maple command better than I do, so let me pass the task of collecting deprecated commands to them. And these people probably know the reason of deprecating these commands better than I do.
Jacques, It would be great if the maple mode/script can actively remind us to use "good" Maple constructs. For example, "end do" and "end if" are more preferable than "od" and "fi". I am wondering what sort of syntax highlighting does Maple Emacs mode already has. Let me try it out later today. Just my two cents.
Ok, vim is "charityware". I see nothing wrong in adopting this scheme. I think you can upload vim scripts to so that the scripts are available to others. Alternatively, you can put your maple vim script to your academic homepage. And yes, check with the original author before you upload the modified script somewhere else!
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