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An other question. How can i plot a curve in function of days (1,2,3,4..30) and with the value of z. The paramiter is the 2.  example=>[d=c*2-k2; k2=(b*2)].


Can you help me plese. I copy but it give me error


Meanwhile, thank you so much for everything.
I know I'm asking a lot but if you have time, you can help me do this?

Building a system of interactive components that, taken a function, two points 'a' and 'b' values ​​and an integer n, the calculations point between a and b in which the function assumes the minimum value by using the following procedure:

• It divides the values ​​between a and b into n equal parts (these will distance the one with the other b-n);
• calculates the function in each of these points;
• located between these values,  what is the minimum (in case of a tie, take the one closest to a)



In addition to watch the chart how can know exactly the range (or if any point) of the minimum?


Thank you very much for helping. Because I want to understand the method of resolution, can you explain a bit more detail (the abs command, in our case, what does? and  minimalize?)


I solved, Thanks for your help.

The file is:


Thanks for the answer
the file is:  augment_(1).mw
I I tried but It gives me an error.

If it was possible my intention was to change just rows of the datatable and not the matrix.


The rights for the file go to @acer


How can i use this proc in my file?


You are very good:) (these are the first times which I use maple)

@vv @Preben%20Alsholm

Thanks a lot

@Rouben Rostamian  I insert them with the option equation to. So you can copy them in eq1: ....,eq2=......

@rlopez  Thanks fort the answer.

It work, but i have a problem with intersection.

Can you help me plese?

Thanks in advance.
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