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Thanks for the hints!

I just wonder why it does not word with Maple11. There the whole contents of the labels are plotted in 1D - are there any different rules?

if I plot

plot(x^2,x=0..5,labels=[x,theta [°C]]);

Maple puts the C into backets. How can I avoid this?


It works:

listA := [40, 50, 60];
listB := [80, 100];
values := [[1, 2], [4, 5], [6, 7]];
f := fopen("myfile", WRITE, TEXT);
for i to nops(listA) do
for j to nops(listB) do
fprintf(f, "name_%d_%d\t%d\n", listA[i], listB[j], values[i, j])
end do
end do;

Thank you very much for your help!

I have two more questions where I could not find a solution up to now:

1. I would like to separate the name form the value by a "tab" (-> tabulator key; name and value should be recognized as two columns, separating by comma does not work in this case)

2. I can create a file with fprintf but it does not content the data



fprintf(file,"name_%d_%d = %d\n", listA[i],listB[j],values[i,j]);


Thanks for your help! Unfortunately ist ArrayInterpolation a new Maple 12 feature. With Maple 11 I can't use it.

The suggested LibLip toolbox works.

You can calculate the coefficients of a regression line with the leastsquare command. See attached file.

View 6629_leastsquare.mw on MapleNet or Download 6629_leastsquare.mw
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Independent in which way I creat a picture file of a plot it still does not look very good. The attached gif - file is generated by:

plotsetup(gif, plotoutput = "myfile3.gif", plotoptions = "height=800,width=800"); plot3d(x^2+y^2, x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1, style = surfacecontour, shading = zhue, axes = boxed); plotsetup(default);

The color gradient and the contour lines are still very rough.


I expected (or were looking for the parameters of) a curve in the following form:


where a,b,c,d are the parameters.

I expected (or were looking for the parameters of) a curve in the following form:


where a,b,c,d are the parameters.

I did not see your response, as I sent my answer. Sorry for that.
Yes, but you have insert i=1..3 instead of i=1..m in your equation above. In this case you would not need the m=3 in subs().
Thanks for the answer. The quality is still quite poor (fare away from the quality of the MS Equation 3.0). I tried to find any possibilities to advance the export quality (to make sure that I have the correct settings) but I did not find any. However, exporting as html file delivers better results but in this case with very small image sizes. Regards Dirk
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