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I am running Maple 12 under vista.  All my programs begin with "restart" but each time I "restart" Maple goes off into never never land.  That damn circle that used to be an hour glass just spins and spins and when I hit the "stop" button, Maple asks if I want to disrupt a computation.  But there is no computation.  Have others experienced the same problem?   I can't run anything unless  avoid "restart"ing.              .....Edgar


I am trying to get used to Maple 11 after a happy coexistence with Maple 10 Classic Worksheet. I have programs that take a long time to execute and I've gotten into the habit of using printf to write to the screen each time a counter is increased, for instance. In Maple 11, none of this information gets written until the program finishes execution (sometimes after hours) so my attempts to monitor progress are useless. What's going on and what's the correction? It would seem Maple is buffering unwantedly. ................Edgar
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