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My professor wrote in in the blackboard theequation Xo=1+I. However I'm gonna type all the information. PartIII a) let Xo=1+I Show that X1=1+1/2I, X2=1+1/7I, X3=1+1/182I "The part above I already solve it" b)Set up a double loop in maple with the parameter "A" running from 0 to 2 in steps of 0.02 and "B" running from 1 to -1 in steps of 0.02. Within the double loop, set Xo=A+BI and compute 10 Newton's iterates. If X10 is close to ), say Absolute value of X10<0.1 then the iterates converge to 0. Color the pixel at (A,B) black if the iterates converge to 0 and white if not. That is exactly all what the professor wrote, and I don't have a clue of what to do, since he didn't teach us maple 10 and the book that we have doesn't say anything about it. Please help me out we are so close to the deadline. I'll pay you 10 dollars if you help me out, please is an emergency... Thank you.. Best Regards, Franklin.
It works right now but the problem now is that I don't have a equation for N, all that I wrote before is all what he said. If the case is N(sin(x)); how do I plot the double loops?
I wrote this all buch of function and this just gave me has a answer: Error, too many levels of recursion
I really need the graph becuase the professor ask for the grap... It supossed to be a double loop........
Thanks a lot, but i have another question, how I supossed to graph it "Is a must the graph"??? and how I supposed to find the 10 Newtons iterates??? Please help me..... If I finish this project by today I'm gonna pay you 8 dollars as soon as we finish y will send it by check or deposit it if you give me just your account number... Seriously.... I swear....
It works fromcertain point but this statement seems to fail... >A := seq(0.02 I, I = 0 .. 100) Error, illegal use of an object as a name If I have all the arrays together then what should I do to plot the double loop and to finde the iterates?
IN this case how do I put it in array??? give me an example please...
The maple doesn;t ho anything when I enter this commands... How do I plot it?
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