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@Carl Love 

Thank you so much. Yes, that’s very close to my dream syntax!!!

Yes! Vote up!

Very good response.
Big thank.
Indeed, the same problem affects:
> F := proc()
> local x :
> return cos(x)
> end:
Now, write:
> F := proc()  #Shift + Enter
   local x :
> return cos(x)
> end:
- The advantage is that there are fewer prompts and both better reading.
- The drawback (but acceptable) is that if you decide, like in earlier version, to delete only one line instantly with "Ctrl + Delete" among a big block, all the block is deleted unintentionally.
It must therefore be very careful in selecting manually with the mouse cursor.
My apologies, I wanted to talk about the Maple's Worksheet Files *.mw instead of *.wm.
Thank you, it works with Shift+Enter.
But in previous versions, it works anyway with chevron ">", example:
> display(
>  plot(f(x), x = x1..x2)
>, plot(g(x), x = x1..x2)
>, plot(h(x), x = x1..x2) );
But not in Maple 2015.


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