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Since i already have a working eclipse environment, I want to ask whether Maple IDE is available as an Eclipse Plugin...

Initially, Maple IDE was available as an Eclipse Plugin and a standalone tool.
When Maplesoft started to distribute Maple IDE, they decided to deliver Maple IDE as a standalone tool only. Please contact Maplesoft team to request the Eclipse Plugin of Maple IDE.

...what file format Maple IDE supports .... Moreover can i use Maple IDE without relying on maple worksheet enviroment...

Maple IDE is a development environment for Maple language, not word- document processing environment. Therefore, Maple IDE provides .maple files that are intended to store Maple code such as procedures or modules. A .maple file is a simple text file that can contain as many Maple procedures/modules as you want.

Maple IDE also provides other tools for professional development in Maple language such as Refactoring tools, Code navigation tools, integration with Maple Mint syntax checker etc.

Is it possible to use Maple IDE with maple worksheet environment so for example i prepare a document inside maple and write codes procedures separately in maple IDE file and call them where ever i want inside the worksheet.

Yes, of course.

The IDE automatically builds a .mla library for your Maple project. This library contains all procedures/modules declared in your Maple project. You can find it under the binaries folder of your project.

As Managing Maple Repositories help page states, a Maple Library (also Maple Repository, .mla file) is the recommended way for storing Maple procedures and packages. In fact, over 90 percent of the algorithms built into Maple are implemented using Maple language. The code of these algorithms is stored as Maple Libraries (.mla files).

You can use your Maple library (.mla) directly inside Maple IDE and Maple.

Use the following steps to quickly run and test your Maple Project/Library inside Maple IDE:
- Right-click on your Maple Project and choose Run As -> Maple
- Build-in Maple console activates. All procedures/modules declared in your Maple project are ready to use.
- Please read Launching a Maple Application for more information about Code Launching in Maple IDE.

To use your library inside Maple, please read How Maple Locates Repositories on Managing Maple Repositories help page.


Please let me know if you have further questions.



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