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The Item Statistics section of the Gradebook allows you to view all of the responses to an essay Questions

Viewing all reponses for a Question of another type requires querying the database.   Exactly what query to use depens on exactly what you are after.

Assuming that you are after the responses to a Question in a Question Bank.  The easiest way (assuming you know the topic, question and tblocation) would be

select searchableresponse from answersheetitem where topic=XX and question=YY and tblocation like 'your_stem\Local_Tests\Bank%.qu'

Jason Cornish
Developer, Maple T.A.

I'm going on the assumption that 'worksheet' really means Question Bank and that you are trying to find the results for a particular Question in one of your Question Banks.

In the answwersheetitem table, there are a number of ways of referencing questions.

questionindex represents the order that the quesitons were given for an instance of an assignment.

questiongroup and questionref combine to reference a question within an assignment.

topic and question combine to reference a question held in a Question Bank.  tblocation points to the .qu file that holds the question.  Whenever you edit a Question Bank, a new .qu file is created with a version number.  This allows one to look-up instances of a question that was taken prior to that question being changed.

so an answersheetitem row like the following

tblocation: classstem\Local_Tests\Bank001.qu
topic: 1
question: 4
questiongroup: 1
questionref: 2
questionindex 3
assignementid: x


This was the third question that the student saw when they took the test.
The question belongs to the 2nd questiongroup in the assignment (0-indexed) and it was the 3rd question in that group (0-indexed)
The actual quesiton is the 5th question in the 2nd topic of the Question Bank corresponding to the bank at the loation given in tblocation

Suppose you know the topic and number of a Question in a Question Bank and also know which .qu files represenf that bank (banks are indexed based on the last 3 digits of the file name - 000, 001, 002 etc)

let's say the question is the first question in the first topic of the bank represented by Bank002.qu

you could find all of the grades for that question by querying with the where condition:

topic=0 and question=0 and tblocation like 'your_stem\Local_Tests\Bank%.qu'.

This clause could also be used to find the corresponding question group and question ref for assignments.

I hope this sheds some light on how answersheetitems represent their data.

Jason Cornish
Developer, Maple T.A.

Hello pedro, You could avoid your students having to use quotes by converting $RESPONSE to a string. maple=evalb(myParser(convert($RESPONSE,string))); Here is some simple code that demonstrates this. This will be marked as correct, when the characters of $RESPONSE are in sorted order (e.g. `abc`, `ert`, etc. - quotes not required) myParser:=proc(ans::string) StringTools[IsSorted](ans); end: myParser(convert($RESPONSE,string)); Note that `evalb` is not needed as myParser() returns a boolean value. the function java(CN,a,b,c,d,...) is used to create algorithms so offhand I can't see a good way to incorporate this into what you asked above. I'm Not saying it can't be done though.... Jason Cornish Maplesoft
Hello pedro, Apologies for the delayed response. Would you be able to provide us with a .qu or .edu file containing the problematic question? This should allow us to determine if the problem is in the question or somewhere else. Thanx in advance. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
I tried your code in T.A. 2.5 and 2.51 and was not able to reproduce the behaviour you describe. Is it possible for you to check the T.A. console to see what the Editor is sending to Maple? Unfortunately, the Editor from 2.0.1 cannot be added to 2.51 due to changes in the code. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
Hello pr, This was a known issue for the Equation Editor in previous releases of Maple T.A. but should be fixed in T.A. 2.51. Nonetheless, a simple workaround for this is to omit the '$' in the Editor and add it to the MathML later. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
Hello pr, The syntax of using double-quotes ("") to quote strings that are contained inside a quoted string will cause most languages to parse the line into multiple strings. The solution here is to use back-quotes (``) for the labels. Try the line: \drawMaplePlot*{plot($m*(t-$t0),t=0..$tmax,labels=[`t in a.u.` ,`a in a.u.`], labeldirections=[HORIZONTAL,VERTICAL])} instead. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
Hello Marlfox, This is a common problem that can occur when Excel has been installed (or updated) after Maple was installed. Try the following: 1. Verify that the file WMIMPLEX.dll exists in ..\Maple 9.5\bin.win 2. Open the registry (Start Menu-> Run-> type "regedit" then ENTER) 3. Navigate to the registry folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Excel.exe" 4. The "Path" key should contain the full path to the Maple 9.5 bin directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Maple 9.5\bin.win"). If this does not exist add it to the end of the key. Paths are separated by a ";". 5. Close the registry This should eliminate this error. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
> with(plots): > p1:=contourplot( x*y, x=0..10, y=0..20,color=red): > p2:=contourplot( x*y^2, x=0..10, y=0..20,color=blue): > display(a,b); Jason Cornish Maplesoft
Hello flook, The jar file containing the class should be stored in the following location: Windows: - put the jar file into {ta_install}/lib - edit the file {ta_install}/config/wrapper.conf to add the jar to the list of jars added to the classpath e.g. ... wrapper.java.classpath.9=../lib/new.jar Linux: - put the jar in {ta_install}/jre/lib/ext OR - put the jar in {ta_install}/lib - add the jar to the SYSJARS variable in the mapleta.sh script There is a function set_class_path() in the mapleta.sh script that determines the jars to be added to the classpath. You can check here (and possibly modify this) to determine the best location for your jars. The server will of course need to be restarted in both all instances. Hope this helps. Jason Cornish Maplesoft
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