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@Axel Vogt 

A most wise decision :)

@Axel Vogt 

Thank you for the reply. I also use a pdf printer but it does not seem to work for me.

Could I ask you to make the follow Maple document and try to print it to pdf?



Some text here on the same page as the plot.


If you get the "Some text here" part to show on your pdf using Maple 2020.1 I will be surprised.


Exporting as an rtf worked well on a smaller file. But when I tried the same on a 73 pages document the rtf file was corrupt.

Thanks though, this workaround may save some of our students at the exams.


Thank you for the comfirmation.

That is exactly what I am seeing as well. The reason you are not missing any plots is most likely because you are only to get a single plot each page.

Hopefully, a solution may be coming soon.

@Carl Love 

Thank you for the reply. 

with(RealDomain) does not help in this case as far as I can see. The incorrect realvalued solution of x=-1.84 is still given to the equation.

If you are seeing differently I would be happy to see the details.

x>0 will obviously solve the issue here, but that restriction would not really be obvious to my students.

I dont suppose there is a way to force Maple to only use the real valued branches? In high school (in Denmark) we only concern ourselves with real valued functions so an engine optimized for that would be very useful :)

Thank you kindly for that explanation.

Aye, I know there is just the one solution.

The issue is that my high school students rely on Maple reporting actual solutions and that the example actually comes from an equation with an integral where the number of solutions is not immediately apparent.

Thank you for the answer even so, I will take that as confimation that the engine in solve is not working well in this case - and hope it gets fixed.

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