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@Christian Wolinski can you explain what each line in your code does?

I am baffled by the syntaxis.

What is op? What is procname? What does it do to call a function followed by a Domain between brackets?

@tomleslie this is great, thank you!

@tomleslie thank you!

Unfortunately it does not seem to work in my Maple version.

When I open your attachment and execute the cells, I get this output:

---------------------- Domains version 1.0 ---------------------
Initially defined domains are Z and Q the integers and rationals
Abbreviations, e.g. DUP for DenseUnivariatePolynomial, also made
Error, (in EEA) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: not GI[Type](`domains/Gaussian/badge0`(-87, 47))


Small nitpick: in the procedure you should be using ED instead of GI, since I want it to work with other domains.

@vv Attached you can find my worksheet.

My impression is that I am doing exactly as you, but for some reason it does not work.

I am really confused :P


@vv I have tried your suggestion, using for example r_aux := ED[`-`](r_0, ED[`*`](q, r_1));

I get the following error:

Error, (in GI[`*`]) invalid subscript selector


@tomleslie I have now added self-contained code reproducing the mistake.

@tomleslie I am not using custom domains or the LinearAlgebra module, I am using the built-in Domains module, apologies for not making this clear.

I was also surprised that the symbol _i was used over I.

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