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Thanks a lot Boris!



Hi Boris, thanks again for your prompt reply. I tried your suggestions and they work. The only thing which still bothers me is that all the STL files which I opened (propblade and prophub), are STL graphic files. Despite being able to open the files, I am still limited to only viewing the models and not able to edit the geometry of the model ie. editing the radius of a curve or changing the propblade profile.

Once I unpacked the .msim file, the stl files appear as META-stl files. I renamed them into stl files and by doing so I can open them in a CAD sofware (Solidworks 2014). The shown model is a STL Graphics as shown in the attached picture. How can I get around this problem, in order to be able to do some geometric changes onto the models?


I think this is more of an additional question, more related to the CAD software rather than MapleSim. It is fine if it is beyond your scope. You have already been a great help so far by answering my previous questions! 


Hello again. Thanks for your reply and clarifications! I have more experience navigating around MapleSim 2016 now. I have some additional questions. Let's say I feel mischevious and I decide to play around with the geometry of the wind turbine components, ie. Hub and blades. How can I know the geometry and dimensions of the components? How can I ask Maplesim to tell me their dimensions, so that I can change them?

To bring it to another level, how can I extract the geometry shown in the 3-D workspace, and then manually change their dimensions in a CAD software like SolidWorks?



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