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yes i'm trying to deduce the sign of the root of my polynomial, is there any  way to just simplify these expressions, such as {I[f], I[r], Lambda[r], N[H], N[f], S[H], S[r], b[Hf], b[fH],
   b[fr], b[rf], beta[fH], beta[fr], beta[Hf], beta[rf],
   lambda[H], mu[B], mu[H], mu[f], mu[rd], tau[H]} are all positifs

@tomleslie my question is to get a way to simplify these coefficients in order to learn their sign , is there ?

@tomleslie thank you mister Tomleslie for your answer, i'm searshing if there is a method to simplify the coefficients of my characteristic polynomial to learn their sign under the assumption that all the parameters are positifs , can you help me please ! Love  i did it but it is very diffecult to verify the résult can you help me please !

@Rouben Rostamian  i want the exact value because i want to discuss the sign of these values 

but maple doesn't give me the values

@Mariusz Iwaniuk  thank you for your response but in this way , maple will give me a very complicated results, can you help me to simplify it ?

@Kitonum thank you very much, now it is more clear for me.

@Kitonum  but here we have recurrente relation u(n+1)=sin(u(n)) , i can't understand because in your example is the composition functions ?

@Kitonum can you explain to me with examples how the repeated operator @@ works   ?

@Kitonum thank you mr kitonum for your help but if we calculate u(1) if we replace n=0 we get sin(1.5)=0.99.... not 0.84...

@vv thank you for your clarification , but if you chosse as example sqrt(x)+2*x+3/sqrt(2*x+1) , maple can't simplify this , this why i want to understand this case !

@Kitonum can you more explain to me  please ?

@Carl Love but it doesn't work also if i choose 1/sqrt(2*x+1); its gives to me the same thing, can you explain to me please !

@Kitonum thank you for your response, but if i clic in the palette i is called imaginaryunit and also I interface(imaginaryunist) what is the diff between them ?

@tomleslie thank you very much for you response, i want to more understand this commands , can you advice me or give more details ?

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