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Physics Pure || Computer Science
Trujillo/La Libertad, Peru

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Simulation Specialist for Dynamic Systems with Maple Classic and Modern Physics. Mathematical Modeling by Maple problems. Basic Science Teaching using ICT's. Business Data Analyst at Maple and MapleSim environment. Expertise in the development of mathematics with embedded components for mobile devices.

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@ ok Dr. Lorenzo.

Carga primero:


Enseguida digitas:

SolveSteps([12*x + y = 18, 7*x - 8*y = 32])

Excelent app of Maple. Like !!!

@Karishma This application is very good, keep going !!!

File of Maple Companion not delete in maple.cloud !!!

@Mac Dude It is highly recommended for simulation of objects in the plane and space. It looks like Modelica but MapleSim is much more complete. But first friend Maple learns right away MapleSim.


Lenin AC

@Fereydoon_Shekofte thank you !!!

Welcome to maple.

upload the file...

@Ramakrishnan Thank you very much friend. Greetings.

@Markiyan Hirnyk ok my friend.

@Markiyan Hirnyk Why did you delete it?


thank you very much!!!

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