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Thank you a lot!
While were at it, I find it rather hard to differentiate between what are properties of the plot and what are properties of the plot component... For example, I have tried in a smiliar manner to add the setting the the mouse courser can "probe" values in the dataplot
(like X: 5,23 and Y: 4,24), but adding "mouseMode = probe" or "mouseMode = [mode = probe] is not working. I found mouseMode in the Maple documentation but I am probably not using it correctly.
Can I add this in a similar manner as the axes?


Thank you!


Thanks a lot! Works perfectly!

Thank you very much!
This has made my code much more comprehensible and by chance also solved an other problem that I had encountered.
Thank you for your great advice and the time and efforts you made to help me.

Best Regards,


Hello Everyone,

Thank you a lot for your input. I have managed to figure out what the problem was, and it was embarrassingly simple.
I have tried to read the contents of the equation in the caption of a label. What I did not know was that I had to convert it into a string before I can transfer the data to the label.
In hindsight I could have thought about this earlier before posting here.

Thank you still for your input, I hope this thread helps someone else in the future who may be stuck like me.

Best Regards,


@Rouben Rostamian  

Thank you for your considerations, I have determined that this is exactly the case why it is not working. :)

My procedure is trying to read PlyTable1 data but cannot get it.

Thank you also for your advice regarding working with simple code and then working my way up.
I have actually done the code myself and verified it working and am now trying to make it fancy by adding a template where a user can input the data that the code is going to use later on.

The great last question would now be, how can I make the PlyTable1 data available for the proc()?

@Carl Love 

Thank you for your answer.
I have set interface(warnlevel=0) so that I do not get the warning that my variables are implicitly local, which gets rather annoying but should not have to do anything with the matter at hand, as my code only consists of these variables, so the distinction between local and global should not be of interest. I will declare them properly in the finished code.
Warnlevel setting does not change anything about the errors that I am getting, which are present in the code that I presented.

Thank you so so much, that is exactly the required solutions!
Really appreciate it. :)

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