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Is there a way to determine the coordinates of all the vertices of a cuboid using geom3d?

See WC06_Vertices_of_a_Cuboid.mwWC06_Vertices_of_a_Cuboid.mw attached.

The graphic of the cuboid is created with

A:=(cuboid([1,1,2],[3,4,5]), orientation [27,78],lightmodel = light4, shading = none, transparency =.85,scaling = constrained, axesfont = [bold, roman, 18], axes = normal):

And the vertices are self-evident, for example 

B:= pointplot3d({[3,1,5]}, symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 18, color = red):

One geom3d ....

geom3d[point](P,1,1,2): geom3d[point(Q,3,4,5): geom3d[distance](P,Q); 

gives the lengths of the diagonal of the box.  Is there a way to get geom3d to list the coordinates of the 8 vertices of a cubeoid?

How do I move a circle around a sphere?

See attached:  WA61_circle_sphere_post.mw

Circle shares surface area of sphere, how can circle be moved independently around sphere?

I would like to retain the patchwork of the sphere to resemble latitude/longitude lines.

Thanks in advance


If I have 4 latitude and longitude coordinates in degree.  How can I convert all of them to radian and assign each to a specific variable inside a procedure?


> DBP(36.9,102.04,37.345,101.6104)
Error, invalid loop statement termination

attached: WA57dev.mw

The following image shows a .mw file on two monitors (1 = right side) (2 = left side).  

Distortion occurs when I try to drag-and-drop an open file from monitor 1 to monitor 2.  Transfer from one monitor to another works fine on all other applications (.pdf, .docx, web stuff, graphic files like .png, and .xlsx.  Only .mw files distort when I try to open them or move them to monitor 2.  I was able to move, open, etc. any .mw file for over a year, then a couple of days ago the files started to distort.  I had a 32-bit version of Maple (Maple 2015.2 build ID 1097895—deleted it.  Also deleted and reinstalled Maple 2015.0, build 1022128.  I checked and updated my video card, updated the 2-monitor settings on Windows 7.  All this to no avail, the Maple 2015.0 program works on monitor 1, but it can not be opened or dragged-and-dropped to monitor 2.

Help, advice, suggestions welcomed—many thanks in advance.



See WA30 attached.  Why the error?  The variable that represents the vector is in vector form.  If I need to change this to THAXexa := ([1988.0, 1989.0, 1990.0 , ... etc], datatype=float, is there an easy way to convert the THAXexa matrix?

Thanks, Les  WA30.mw

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