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With the RationalFunctionTutor generated then modified code (see egn2.mw attached).  Is it possible to make linestyle=spacedash for the two vertical asymtotes?  By selecting the graph and choosing from the plot menu the linestyle can be changed, but is there a way to do this with commands in the program code? 



Is there a way to plot critical values of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient r?  See attached worksheet.  Thanks!

Les    ect4_critical_value_of_r.mw

When using more than 1 package is the following example (ecv3.mw) the best way?  It seems when I use more than 1 package without separating withstatements (using restart commands) my program doesn't work right.  What would be the best way to save the contents of all variables and lprint them at the end of program while preventing the restart commands from emptying variables which have been filled earlier in program execution. Thanks in advance! Les

How to increase the size of toolbar icons in Maple 2015 32-bit Classic on Windows?

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