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 I've been using Maple since 1997 or so.

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Staff, Will you put an index, in a screen tip, on the forum and blogs buttons? Each screen tip could have links to the most recent 30 posts and one link to all past 30th place.
Marvin Ray Burns

The appearance of this thread has degraded over the years, but most all post about the MRB constant can be found by entering "MRB constant" into the search box.

Some links were updated on June 26, 2010.


We want to know what Waterloo has done about using full 64 bit performance in VISTA and multicore and parallel computing. Pros, please tell us; we want our supercomputer abilities now!
A couple of years ago I did the following work on Trigonometric integration. Does anyone have any improvements to add to it? I would like to see it expanded to all complex numbers. I'll soon be working on it again. Download 565_Pre_exp[1].doc
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