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plagarized is when you dont give a reference Carl Love (if you are in academia I dont have to explain that to you but maybe you think you own ideas?). I think I have pointed out the reference all along hence the aqusation of plagarism I take lighthly. Thank you Presben Alsolm for being a police and pointing out what everone can and cannont post. Its all related to mathematics if you dont think that is relevant to Maple I apologize... I said before I would happily done it myself but I dont have the time..

christopher2222 you might be right however since I am not forcig an
opinion on you (you are free to believe what you want) and I would appreciate
if you show me the same politeness. Since it is my account I post
what I think is fun...

it means that I have other problems to worry about (dont have time)
and no I am not in the two age range more like 30+...
I tried to be polite. If you have the time please do...

I think you can understand the problem and its solution without mathematical programming plus I don't really have the time to construct a Maple worksheet, but you might?!

Who said that the "Fast Fourier Transform" is an important tool in Financial Economics?

It might have been interesting in you were a physicist :-)

It is interesting you say 140 commands in the Finance package! That is quite inflated!
That whats happend when a computer scientist get free hands with 0 input from an economist/finance
person that is actually going to use this stuff! I would have traded the "AddHoliday" command
for a percentage return command every time!


This will be my contribution to the problem :-) I have waisted enough time on this
(especially when I dont get paid)! I wanted to save the PC procedure ie
PercentageChange (PC) in the finance module but Maple wont let me.

Hence a created a new module called MyFinance (added to the help pages as well)
with one single procedure PC. More procedures like first difference, log return etc
can be added in an easy way later.

I have uploaded the code as a Maple worksheet instead of copy/pasting code on MaplePrimes
which is a pain in the ass for me. Let me know if their are any problems with the module :-)


thanx chris!
the procedures themself are not difficult to write but it takes time! For example a non-generic
percentage return of a matrix XX with 20 rows and 101 columns where time flows horizontally ie in rows.

Matrix(20, 100, proc (i, j) options operator, arrow; 100*(XX[i, j+1]-XX[i, j])/XX[i, j] end proc)

However, it is a strech by far to assume that people knows this or want to know it!
The procedures also need to be generica ie work for column/row organized data.

I would like to go from A to M as fast as possible without waisting any time
hence these procedures should have already been written.
I am dying you know! well so are you in another 60 years he he

It is soo stupid that I am thinking it might be premeditated just to piss of some
narcissistic economist!

That is a good one! Assign sound and schedual taska are now on my wish list for Maple 17

@acer good one!  So I guess this guy lived from 1789 to 1854 then 1858 he decided
that it was to boring to be dead so he resurrected until 1913 when he was sooo frustrated
that the new i-pad 2.0 had not arrived so he just killed himself.

I forgot to say that you cant just sort the two Matrixies because some
time a value in X might not exist in Y so I guess the below would be more appropriate:

X := Matrix(Statistics[Shuffle]([seq(x[i], i = 25 .. 75)]));
Y := Matrix(Statistics[Shuffle]([seq(y[i], i = 50 .. 100)]));

So for example each value of Y[55] should be placed under X[55] and since
Y[80] does not exist in X no placement should be made.

@macbeth Thank you for that! Another way to do it is:

NLPSolve(X, 0 .. 1, 0 .. 1, objectivegradient = GRADIENT(X), maximize)

@macbeth Thank you for that! Another way to do it is:

NLPSolve(X, 0 .. 1, 0 .. 1, objectivegradient = GRADIENT(X), maximize)

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