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@Preben Alsholm ok thank you for your feedback! Do you think I need the unevaluation quotes in Maple 2017 as well?

I wonder if someone put drugs in my water yesterday? Because when I run the same code today it only took 0.015 second. Strange, I am 95% certain that I ran the same code yesterday and then it took way longer. It becomes impossible to test with a stop watch because it is so fast. The unevaluation quotes seams to make a difference though because the code take a bit longer time to run with them. I did a print screen because it seams to be very hard to select code and copy it in Maple on my touch screen. 


Very strange if you use this url

you can see that there is a personal edition license for 239 USD available which is a ok price. 

However, if you go to the maple webstore you can only choose from student, commercial, academic and government.

Was this intentionally done to make people pay more money or is it an honest mistake? 

@Ronan thanks for your answer. Strange! I cant find the home user license on the maplesoft website. Do I have to buy from a third party?

@Carl Love thank you! Now I feel stupid lol The equation makes totally sense and it is so simple. Which is a good thing. I tried all equations except for that one! I cant believe that I missed that one. It just illustrate the importance collaboration. Again thanx.

@roman_pearce thank you for your input. I am glad that you think the m3 version of the Surface Pro 4 will be enough. I was so close to canceling my order before I learnt about the cpu:s dynamic frequency scalling. I thought the base frequency of 0.9 GHz was the frequency of the cpu. This would have meant that I could not run Maple 2016 nor Maple 2017 since the requrment is > 1 GHz. I speculate that the reason why Surface Pro 4 m3 version has such low base frequency is to conserve power. 

@Preben Alsholm thanx for your input! Yeahh I have not been around that much so I cant remember what month Maple came out for the last couple of years. March 2017 sounds cool though! Thanx then I have something to hold on to.

@acer thank you

@Mac Dude Since I cant upload a csv-fil on Mapleprimes you can download it from

The odd thing is that:


works even though you get all the data in one column which is not optimal while

ImportMatrix("C:\\mydir\\data1.csv", source = csv);

does not work:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) no delimiter found after line 3082, column 2


If I use this link instead (I got it from google spreadsheets publish online)


I get the following error message:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) no delimiter found after line 3082, column 2

and that is the end of the worksheet! lol


@Carl Love I downloaded the file from the cloud and saved it on my harddrive:


I have also uploaded data1.xlsx (MaplePrimes wont let me upload a csv file so I converted it to a xlsx file)


However, I looked into the file and it is just a bunch of jiberish!

Strange I really want to download my data from google spreadsheets directly. 

Great Work! I wish someone could do the same for finance :-)

@Carl Love that worked excellent! Saved me many many hours thanx :-)

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I only get error too. Something is broken on MaplePrimes...

@Markiyan Hirnyk I try one more time. Thanx for your time and sorry for that.
Very strange it must be mapleprimes hummm


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