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Why maple can not compute integral?



I have plotted psi [1] and psi [2] by using contourplot, but I want to show streamline or Flow nets on curves psi[1] and psi[2].

please help me obtain updated graphs like the attached figure.



How I can show that the value of psi 1 through method #1 is equal to that one in method #2?

is possible to verify by analytic results, not using and placing parameter's numerical values?


why in eq1 some parameters such as beta 1, Q110,... are not placed (They defined before eq1 !!!!)


hi every one.

in the attached maple file at line x=o in the plotted figure we have some inconsistency in starting the branches from x=0 and the branches do not start from the same value on this axis.

I can not find the problem because there are not any differences between phi 1 and phi 2! 

evalf(f1 - f2)= -5* 10 ^-49

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