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@Carl Love 

Could you please explain why DirectSearch does not work? 

I encountered this error:

DirectSearch:-SolveEquations(Eq1=p_o-p_i,Eq2=F_a, AllSolutions);
Error, SolveEquations is not a command in the DirectSearch package


@Carl Love 

Thanks, dear Carl,

As I know, this method can guarantee the number of solutions. see more information at '

I installed the DirectSearch package, but I can not use the command 'SolveEquations with option AllSolutions'.

Could you please give me the command that you used?

I read this post and reported that sometimes DirectSearch faces some difficulties. Could you please give your opinion in this regard?

@Rouben Rostamian  

Thanks so much,

How do we find other roots?

I researched and found out that numerical schemes like Pseudo-arclength continuation scheme can find roots.

Would you happen to be familiar with this method?


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