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Teacher of Mathematics with a proven track record of working in education management. Proficient in Ease of Adaptation, Course Design, and Instructional Technology. Strong education professional with a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Mathematics from the University of Aegean. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics at the Hellenic Open University, with a specific focus on Ordinary and Partial Differential equations. His enthusiasm lies in the application of mathematical models to real-world contexts, such as epidemiology and population growth. His academic exploration led them to participate in a specialized course on Mathematical Modeling with Differential Equations at Delft University, broadening their horizons. His overarching goal is to leverage their adeptness in modeling to enhance their teaching approach and provide valuable contributions to the field through insightful perspective

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@acer You're right! Not the right word for the occasion! Thank you for the comment

@acer Yes I mean the version! So if I buy just the student version and not the graduate student version, it is not a problem, right? My university offers Mathematica, but I am not very satisfied. 

@Carl Love  You are right! I have to fix it! Thank you!

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