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@dharr okay.. thanks a lot for your help

@Carl Love Thanks for your help.. thank you so much

@Carl Love oke.sorry. thanks for remember to me

@dharr thank you so much


this is full of the meaning my parameters

N: the total number of individuals in the population
b: the natural birth rate in a population
mu: natural death rate in the population
beta: the rate of transmission of the disease
alpha: the rate of infectivity of the disease
gama: cure rate of disease
sigma: the rate of individuals who return vulnerable

@mmcdara Thank you so much Mr.. but when I claim my model is SEIRS.. is there the different with R0 that you have answered?

i have try it.. and the results is [length of output exceeds limit of 1000000..@acer 

Okay, thank you sir..

@Rouben Rostamian  

Yes sir, i have got it.. thanks a lot..but, i want to ask you about how to make a phaseportrait with just fix initial conditions like x(0)=0.6, y(0)=0.3, z(0)=0.3, not in range..@Rouben Rostamian  

thanks a lot sir..

But, how if I just have one of the initial condition like this x(0)=0.6, y1(0)=0.3, and y2(0)=0.3.. or I have to using max and min, like this xmin,xmax=0.1,0.6;y1min,y1max=0.0,0.3:y2min,y2max=0.0,0.3? Because, my syntaks are error..

Thanks sir..@Rouben Rostamian  

Dear Mr. Rouben..

how can I changes to the phenomenon of the portrait phase of syntaks you make? if i change Mu[2] = 0.38? because I want to see change and instability from both portrait  phase..

@Rouben Rostamian  

Thanks a lot  for your help..@Rouben Rostamian  

Waw.. amazing... thanks a lot for your help..@acer 

Okay.. i will try it.. thanks a lot @Carl Love 

Sorry, this is my worksheet..thank you

restart; with(DEtools); with(plots); with(linalg); alpha := .75; omega[1] := .15; omega[2] := .20; N := .8; beta[1] := .65; beta[2] := .70; Mu[1] := .75; Mu[2] := .74; h[1] := 0.5e-2; h[2] := 0.4e-2; d := 0.5e-1; E := .35

sys := [(D(x))(t) = alpha*x(t)*(1-x(t)/N)-beta[1]*sqrt(x(t))*y1(t)/(1+h[1]*beta[1]*sqrt(x(t)))-beta[2]*sqrt(x(t))*y2(t)/(1+h[2]*beta[2]*sqrt(x(t)))-d*E*x(t), (D(y1))(t) = -omega[1]*y1(t)+Mu[1]*beta[1]*sqrt(x(t))*y1(t)*(1-y1(t)/(beta[1]*sqrt(x(t))))/(1+h[1]*beta[1]*sqrt(x(t))), (D(y2))(t) = -omega[2]*y2(t)+Mu[2]*beta[2]*sqrt(x(t))*y2(t)*(1-y2(t)/(beta[2]*sqrt(x(t))))/(1+h[2]*beta[2]*sqrt(x(t)))]; RHS := eval(map(rhs, sys), [x(t) = x, y1(t) = y1, y2(t) = y2])

[.75*x*(1-1.250000000*x)-.65*x^(1/2)*y1/(1+0.325e-2*x^(1/2))-.70*x^(1/2)*y2/(1+0.280e-2*x^(1/2))-0.175e-1*x, -.15*y1+.4875*x^(1/2)*y1*(1-1.538461538*y1/x^(1/2))/(1+0.325e-2*x^(1/2)), -.20*y2+.1050*x^(1/2)*y2*(1-1.428571429*y2/x^(1/2))/(1+0.280e-2*x^(1/2))]


plots:-fieldplot3d(sys, x = 0 .. 1, y1 = () .. 1, 0*y2 = 0 .. 1, grid = [5, 5, 5], axes = boxed)



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