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Hello, I have an equation: y^2=4x^2 (My equation is more complicated. This is just an example) I want to define a function: f(x) = y1 - y2, where y1 and y2 are the roots of the equation in a descending order and then to plot f(x). I tried to do it as follows: S := (x) -> sort([solve(y^2 = 4*x^2, y)],`>`) C := (x) -> S(x)[1]-S(x)[2] plot(C(x), x = 0 .. 5) and I had an error "Error, (in S) invalid arguments to sort" When I remove the `>` option in "sort" it works.

Although my calculations are somehow complicated, I don't think that's normal so I finally stoped it.

What are possible solutions? or shall I give it more time?!

Hello, How can I get only the final result without the intermediate steps? I want to define a matrix, finding the determinant, inserting the determinant in some equation, solving that equation, using the solution in other operations... etc. And I want only the final result without getting, for example, the determinant itself. Regards
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