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Hey all, I am new to the Maple software.

I have a question: how to find sum of all elements in a sequence?

For example , A:=[1,2,3,4]  the stupid way to find the sum is add them together by : A[1]+A[2]+A[3]+A[4]=10

Is there a better way to sum them together?

Hey all, I am new to the maple software. 

I have a question to create a binary sequence -consisting of m zeroes and n ones.  For example, m=n=2. then the number of combinations of the binary sequence is 6,nchoosek(4,2).  And the combinations could be {1,1,0,0}, {0,0,1,1}

{1,0,1,0} ,{0,1,0,1},{0,1,1,0} and {1,0,0,1}. How do I program the maple code ,that could print out all the combinations above?

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