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@Scot Gould Sometimes it takes a quite a while to show in active conversations. I was actually going to delete the question.

There have been about two occasions where it nothing updated in active conversations over 4 or 5 months. 

@acer Thank you. I can set the results to be an Array or list.

@Scot Gould That shows the sorting very well. I converted you reply to an asnwer.

@dharr  Hi I think you just re-uploaded @Scot Gould 's worksheet.

@nm Ok, so it not a bug but pretty undependable IMO. How do I sort based on index of min value?

@nm I get the crase on Maple 2024 but not Maple 2023.2

@dharr  Not that I know off. But where should I check for the file. Could be something old in there. I am using the VS code editor and that can launch cmaple. 

@dharr I edited the code above as you suggested. Hilighted in green. There is a print statement at the end on ModuleLoad so added some "xxx" 's to it so I would know which one is printing. THe Inforlevel seems to control the print statement not what is supposed to be displayed from infolevel. Also message is displayed for any infolevel number 0,1,2,3,4. But at least I have some control over the message now.


 "xxxxDefault global settings:-

     GeomClr = "Blue",

      Prntmsg = true,

       Prjpsn = 3 can be set to 1,

      Normalgpt = 1 or set to 0, 

    Metric is a 3 x3 symmetric matrix defaults to the Identity 

    matrix "

              infolevel[RationalTrigonometry] := 0



@dharr   Below outlines my package structure. I just can't get the infolevel system to work. I have tried (I think) both you methods.

Any ideas of where I am going wrong?


    option package;
#about 20 exports

# load = `Default global settings`;
local ModuleLoad, ModuleUnload,Colour_Test,Remequal, Dsp, pzp, xpsn, ypsn, zpsn, prnt,
        RMatrix, GMatrix, RProjM,`Default global settings` ;   #RelDPxyz, WhichMyType,
global  Metric,normalgpt, Prntmsg, prjpsn, GeomClr ;

ModuleLoad:= proc()
     uses TT= TypeTools;
     global _T1, _T2L,  _T2VR, _T3L,  _T3VC, _T3VR, _T4L, _T4VC, _MyType;
          #_a1:=1, _a2:=1, _a3:=1, _b1:=0, _b2:=0, _b3:=0 #GCb, GCg, GCr,xpsn, ypsn, zpsn,
     userinfo(2,RationalTrigonometry, "Default global settings:-\n GeomClr = ""Blue"",\n Prntmsg = true,\n Prjpsn = 3 can be set to 1,\n Normalgpt = 1 or set to 0, \n Metric is a 3 x3 symmetric matrix defaults to the Identity matrix ");
     MyTypes:= {_T1, _T2L,  _T2VR, _T3L, _T3VC, _T3VR, _T4L,_T4VC},
     AllMyTypes:= MyTypes union {_MyType};
     g, #iterator over module globals
      ModuleUnload:= proc()
     local T;
          for T in AllMyTypes do if TT:-Exists(T) then TT:-RemoveType(T) end if; end do;
     end proc;
     alias (eparm=CircleParmUHG,LinePts=Lines);   
     TT:-AddType(_T1, {algebraic,symbol});
     TT:-AddType(_T2VC, 'Vector[column](2, algebraic)');
     TT:-AddType(_T2VR, 'Vector[row](2, algebraic)');
     TT:-AddType(_T2L, [algebraic $ 2]);
     TT:-AddType(_T3VC, 'Vector[column](3, algebraic)');
     TT:-AddType(_T3VR, 'Vector[row](3, algebraic)');
     TT:-AddType(_T3L, [algebraic $ 3]);
     TT:-AddType(_T4L, [algebraic $ 4]);
     TT:-AddType(_T4VC, 'Vector[column](4, algebraic)');
     TT:-AddType(_MyType, MyTypes);

     :-print("xxxxDefault global settings:-\n  GeomClr = ""Blue"",\n   Prntmsg = true,\n    Prjpsn = 3 can be set to 1,\n   Normalgpt = 1 or set to 0, \n Metric is a 3 x3 symmetric matrix defaults to the Identity matrix ");
end proc;

$include "Rational_Trigonometry\Acute Obtuse Quadrances.mpl"

#about 20  $include....

end module:


@dharr   I have made some progress. I would like to structure the TOC so that the main package commands are directly under the Rational Trigonometry heading i.e. TOCtop. Then I have two sub packages UHG and RT Projective. I would like these to be under TOCsub1 and TOCsub2 rsspectivels.  Have tried several modifications to do with std2 & children () but no luck yet.

What would you suggest?

Edit:- I have being wondering about structuring the help files for the sub packages is sub folders and doing a seperate database document for each.



[Database, TableOfContents, Worksheet]



"D:\User Account Ronan\Documents\MAPLE\Rational Trigonometry"









["C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\CodeBuilder\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\DirectSearch\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\OEIS\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\UTF8\lib\"]



["C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", "C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\CodeBuilder\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\DirectSearch\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\OEIS\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\UTF8\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\personal\lib\"]



makehelp("RationalTrigonometry", "Rational Trigonometry Overiew", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["RatTrig", "Rat Trig", "RT", "R T"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", " Overview"])

["C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", "C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Program Files\Maple 2024\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\CodeBuilder\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\DirectSearch\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\OEIS\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\UTF8\lib\", "C:\Users\Ronan\maple\toolbox\personal\lib\"]


makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,Quadrance", "Help", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Quadrance"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,Cross Law", "Help Cross", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "CrossLaw"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,Spread", "Help", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["RT Spread", "R T Spread"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Spread"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,Spread Law", "Help Spread", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["RT Spread Law", "Spread Law Quadrea"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Spread Law"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,TQF", "Help Triple Quad", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["Triple Quad Formula", "TQF"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Triple Quad Formula"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,TSF", "Help Triple Spread", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["Triple Spread Formula", "TSF"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Triple Spread Formula"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,QQF", "Help Quadruple Quad", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["Quadruple Quad Formula", "QQF"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Quadruple Quad Formula"])

makehelp("RationalTrigonometry,QSF", "Help Quadruple Spread", "C:/Users/Ronan/Maple/toolbox/personal/lib/", aliases = ["Quadruple Spread Formula", "QSF"], browser = ["Rational Trigonometry", "Quadruple Spread Formula"])



@C_R I removed Java because I don't really need it. That has definately made Explorer a lot snappier. Don't get the white page for 5-10 secs.

Double clicking on a Maple file to open is better, but some do just hang Maple with the white window. I left it for 10 mins to see.

@C_R Explorer has also strated handing for 10 seecs or so. Java is a good clue here. It installed a Jave viewer (I think) less than a month ago when I was looking ast how to export 3D plots for 3D pdfs. Shall remove that tonight when I get home and let you know.


Edit:- Maple always starts from the task bar. Rarely use the start menu for it

@acer Oh good. Nothing complex then. I had tried {colour,color}. Didn't work. 

@acer  "...a double printing of qqf,q13,q24".  I meant that it would tabulate the values and then also return them seperately onto the screen,

@acer  I am most supprised that 

  return qqf,q13,q24

don't produce a double printing of qqf,q13,q24.  Because that is exactly what I didn't try.

I have altered the proc so Tabulate is inside the if statement.

QQFProj := proc(q12::algebraic, q23::algebraic,
                q34::algebraic, q14::algebraic,
                {columns:=[QQFproj,Q13proj,Q24proj]},  prnt::boolean:=true) 
  description "Projective quadruple quad formula and intermediate 13 and 24 quads. Useful for cyclic quadrilaterals";
  local qqf,q13,q24, sub1,sub2,sub3, R;
  uses  DT = DocumentTools;
  sub1:= (q12 + q23 + q34 + q14)^2 - 2*(q12^2 + q23^2 + q34^2 + q14^2) ;
  q13:=((q12-q23)^2-(q34-q14)^2)/(2*(q12+q23-q34-q14-2*q12*q23+2*q34*q14));#check this
  q24:=((q23-q34)^2-(q12-q14)^2)/(2*(q23+q34-q12-q14-2*q23*q34+2*q12*q14));#check this
  if prnt then
  return qqf,q13,q24
  end if;
  return qqf,q13,q24
end proc:


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