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Is it possible to get the form of indefinite integral?


Here in the solution, you have used initial conditions 

 y(2) = 1, (D(y))(2) = 1/2


but my initial and boundary conditions are 

y(0) =0 and y(infinity) =0.

How to solve this?

I have a Masters in Physics, by the way, and have read about almost all basic mathematical jargon. 



I tried the same lines of the code in my worksheet

ds := dsolve([ode, y(2) = 1, (D(y))(2) = 1/2], numeric);

It showed me this-->
proc(x_rkf45)  ...  end proc

Can you please clarify this?


@ vv 7087 

I am completely new to Maple, in fact, I just came to know about the software today and saw some tutorials. I realized that (from tutorials) that Maple can solve simple ODEs, about which I am completely wrong. 

Would you please tell me how you came up with the idea of 'numeric' and other things so that I can also learn. Are there any tutorials or some documentation, where I can also solve self-consistent integral equations, solving singular OD equations using some approximations on the initial conditions or boundary conditions, symbolic integral equation with approximated limits.

Thank you for your kind reference.

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