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f(x) = f'(x)?
Well when the tangent touches f(x) they are equal as in f(x) = a*x+b. Right nows its 1:10AM, going to bed, I have no other idea, I'll think again about it and get back to you shortly.
a*x+b need to be = to x1 and x2 a*x+b=x1 a*x+b=x2 ??
ya thats what I need to find
Yes I have 9.5, thanks it worked.
I am not sure I undertood what you meant. I am kind of new to maple and I am french. If you could clear that out for me I'd really appreciate. Thanks.
> p:=x->log[b](x); p := x -> log[b](x) > o:=x->b^x; x o := x -> b > fsolve({p(x)=o(x), D(p)(x)=D(o)(x)},{x,b}); / /ln(x) x x \ \ fsolve|{ ----- = b , D(p)(x) = b ln(b) }, {x, b}| \ \ln(b) / / I don't know why this is not working?
Thanks alot, I'll look in the application center next time before asking for help!
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