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Well I need to do it with pointplot3d, because it is just to get started. After when I understand everything I have to do a 3d picture that has atleast 30 points.

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Will Maple connect all my coords in the order I type them or?

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I've been reading about it since this morning. I made a linear system using only Kirchhoff's Current Law. ( The current entering a junction is equal to the current leaving it )
But I don't see how I will get to use the Voltage law yet.
Also when I solve the system, it gives me that I9=0.

  edit : Would it be good if I started at either V1 or V2 and I'd do 9 different ways and come back at the starting point. I'd have equations that would look like this :  V2 - R10*I9 - R2*I3 = V1
or something like that.

Am I in the good way or I didn't understand the concept?

I forgot to mention I need to solve this using a linear system.


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I have no idea how to create a magic square with the answer it gives me. I uploaded my sheet so if you could check and let me know how to do something with that.

Thank you.
I don't think I have the right to use the commands you posted that's why I used this.

Would it looks like that or something around that :

eq1:= a+b+c+d= v
eq2:= e+f+g+h=v
eq3:= i+j+k+l=v
eq4:= m+n+o+p=v
eq5:= a+f+k+p=v
eq6:= d+g+j+m=v
eq7:= a+e+i+m=v
eq8:= b+f+j+n=v
eq9:= c+g+k+o=v
eq10:= d+h+l+p=p

Then do a matrix with all these eqs and solve with GaussJordan and I'll get an infinity of solutions?

I'd like to know if I am right or completly off the track! Thank you for help

Entries doesn't have to be 1 to 16, it can be anything. As long as all numbers are different.

Yes, I replaced Int by int and it worked. Thanks a lot!


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This is my worksheet. The answer to the problem should be sqrt(3)/3.
Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?


Yes and no... The problem was posed differently. g(x) was different.

 g := x-> piecewise(0<=x and x<=c, m1*x+b1, c<x and x<=1, m2*x+b2)

and f := x-> x^3  are both continuous on [0,1]. For what value of c that belongs to [0,1] is the air between g(x) and f(x) minimal?
That is the question.

Yes I want to minimize Int(f-g,x=0..1).

I cannot use the command "add".

I can only use : "Int()...if...isprime...for...sum" + derivate.. limits and basic commands

To clear things out, I only need to know how to write the Rectangle, the trapezoid and simpson's method using it's definition on maple. I can not use commands such as simpson(), trapezoid().

int(1/ln(t),t=2..50000)     is the function. 

I can not use such things as simpson(1/ln(t),t=2..50000) or trapezoid etc...

I need to find how many prime number there are between 2 and 50 000 by using the function above and the definition of the methods I've written in my other post.

IMPORTANT** for a,b and c (question of my first post), n = 100 000

I'll also check the page you've posted, thank you.

edit : This site does not really help me since I dont know where I take xm1 xm and xm2.

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