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Maple WWW is finally released!

- Maple WWW is a technology that allows you to present research ideas, e-books, modern lectures and next generation courseware directly in the web. You do not need any additional skills to use Maple WWW. All you need is a Maple worksheet.

- Maple WWW is also integrated with MapleNet. Maple WWW with MapleNet is the final solution that brings interactive live computations to the web.

You can explore the technology here:

Check out a lot of new Maple WWW Live Examples:


We decided to change live examples to better show usecases of the technology. So, new examples will be available as soon as possible.

For example, there are several projects that uses Maple WWW (without MapleNet) in real-life.

Differnetial Geometry Library - an interactive web library of differential geometry objects and its applications:

Online Documentation Guide for Atlas 2 for Maple - modern differential geometry package:

Online User Guide for LdeApprox for Maple - analytical approximation package:

The license of the Maple WWW Net is the same as of Maple WWW i.e free for non-commercial use.
Maple WWW Net is a part of Maple WWW. Therefore, we are currently redesigning Maple WWW pages to make license information more clear.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Sorry for my previous short answer.
Indeed, there are not enough materials that describe Maple WWW technology.

We should also thank you for your questions, because now we can understand what we need to explain more detailed. We will add detailed explanation for questions about MapleCloud and Maple Player to our FAQ page.

Your last post also raises a question about the relation of Maple WWW Net to MapleNet.
There is some misunderstanding regarding this question.

Maple WWW Net is not a replacement of MapleNet.
MapleNet is a server technology that allows you to use Maple computation engine directly from the internet, but you need a client to communicate with the MapleNet server.

The situation is similar to an HTTP Web Server where HTML pages reside. To communicate with an HTTP Web Server you need an HTTP client which in fact is your browser.

Maple WWW Net allows you to use the power of Maple computation engine (through MapleNet server) directly from your browser without any plugins.

In fact, all you need to use Maple WWW Net is a device with an internet connection and a browser.
All you need as a Worksheet publisher is a MapleNet server. Maybe, your institute, university or organization already has one. In this case, you can easily publish your worksheets across the web as interactive scientific documents or apps. Your work will be open to all internet users and will be accessible by a simple click.

Thank you very much for your kind comment.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I can not clearly understand why you mentioned MapleCloud and MaplePlayer.
Maybe, more appropriate is comparison of Maple WWW Net with Mobius Project.

Probably you do not familiar with Maple WWW technology.
Please explore my first post about it here:



Thank you very much for the report.
The problem is fixed. Please update your Maple WWW.

For the future bugs/issues, please use our Customer Support form.



Unfortunately, the image that you attached is broken and can not be shown.

To help you effectively, I need some more information such as screenshots etc.
Therefore, please write to me at email and I will help you with your problem.

Please attach the following to your email:
 - A screenshot shows how you are installing Maple WWW in your worksheet.
 - The worksheet itself, if possible.


Thank you very much for your notice regarding licensing information.
We have synchronized our legal information regarding Maple WWW.

We created License page and Maple WWW License Agreement.
Please explore the following page for more information:

The FAQ page is also updated:

Thank you again for your valuable notice.


Can I use Maple WWW on my university personal page?

Yes, you can use Maple WWW on your university personal page as soon as your university is non-profit organization.

So, can I use Maple WWW right now as the FAQ states?

Yes, you can use Maple WWW right now as the FAQ page states.

The notice on the main page are placed for security/legal reasons until Maple WWW is in the demonstration mode.

In the nearest future Maple WWW will be finally released. The release version of Maple WWW will be smoothly available for you just as the update I pushed yesterday.

FAQ for Maple WWW is available.

Please explore it here:



Thank you very much for the report.

I pushed the update (1.0.1) with the fix for the FireFox plot position problem.
This version also includes improvements for the Fullscreen mode.

To download the update use the following steps:
- Open your worksheet in your browser
- Refresh the page (use F5 or refresh button).

You need to do this only once. Your browser will cache the new version of the application and all other worksheets will be opened with the new version.

@Axel Vogt 


The problem seems to come through the *.js in the xhtm tag and for those
NoScript does not offer an activation....

All modern browser are delivered to the internet users with JavaScript support turned on by default.
So, you have turned off JavaScript in your browser by yourself. I suppose you have a good reason for this.

Nevetheless, thank for your notice. We will add this to our FAQ and requirements.

The other thing 'needed' is WebGL (though it will still work, slower).

Perfomance degradation is a result of our security steps for the demonstration version. See Notice at the end of the Maple WWW page.
Production version will not contain performance issues.

It does not use cookies (having all in the page itself, yes?)...

We do not see reasons to use cookies in Maple WWW. If you have any, please let me know and we will add it shortly.

Saving as *.wm: one must save the whole stuff (before executing the js),if I understodd correctly....

Maple WWW is a web application. Therefore, it provides own Save/Download action. Please use Download action in the Tools Menu.
The worksheet is saved as you expected, so you can open/run it in your Maple as usual.

For browser statistics you may check media sites (not only the w3 school's
data for their own site)...

The question is not about a browser brand. The main thing is a browser version.
Maple WWW supports the most newest versions of browsers. Unfortunately, the link you provided does not contain this information.

@Axel Vogt 


For the first link I get a text displayed......Using concurrent FF

What version of FireFox do you use?

Maple WWW is tested in the following FireFox versions:
- 29.0
- 28.0
- 27.0

As Browser Statistics shows, older versions are not in use anymore.
Maple WWW technology is oriented on the present and the future. Therefore we do not plan to support old browsers that have less the 3% of usage today.

Nevertheless, if you are using one of the supported version and have problems, please describe your configuration more precisely.

Saving as such and opening (with M18) it says: "the ws contains elements not recognized by this version 

This message is shown when Maple finds unknown tags in a worksheet (a script tag in our case).
Nevertheless, it does not affect/break the worksheet in any way. Unknown tags are just ignored.

But astonishingly it does not allow to delete output.

We develop and use special tools that allow us to work with worksheets programmatically (open, save, execute, create random MW files and the like).
Using these tools we tested a large amount of MW files prepared for Maple WWW (about 30000 files) on Maple 17 and Maple 18 and no issues are detected.
Particularly, there are no problems with output deletion.

Nevertheless, if you have this problem, please give me more information on how to reproduce this behaviour.

It executes on demand.

This behaviour is correct.
This worksheet is a simple Maple worksheet and therefore can be executed on demand as usual.
It does not contain auto-execute code.

I neither would allow IFrames (which you seem to expect to be allowed in some cases)

IFrames are absolutely secure, if you trust to the loaded content/page.
Therefore, loading your own worksheets on your own pages is absolutely secure.

nor would I usually blindly download and use mw sheets (having auto exec or such)

- Maple WWW does not execute Maple worksheets
- Maple WWW is a pure web technology, so it does not need Maple to work.
- Maple WWW allows to open Maple Worksheets for an internet user even if he/she does not know about Maple at all.

Maple WWW is designed to allow every man in the world with internet connection and a browser to become familiar with Maple Worksheet and its advanced features.

Thank you very much for your comments. Now we understand that we need FAQ that will be available as soon as possible.

Thank you again.

To see live example, visit the following page:

To try Maple WWW technology for your worksheets, visit the following Maple WWW Documentation:


For the very first time, if possible, please use Google Chrome as the most advanced and easy to use browser.

When you become familiar with the technology, please feel free to use a browser of your choice on any device.

It means "more stable". My mistake :), sorry.

Christopher and Alejandro, thank you for your suggestions. I agree that combining the posts is the solution in this case. So, I merged my two previous posts.

Nevertheless, I planned to write articles about Refactoring, Scoping, Version Control system etc.

Writing these articles in one topic makes it hard to read and mixes very different themes: general overview of the tool and specific programming related topics. So, unfortunately this solution is not universal.

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