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I was getting bored of having to convert between binary and decimal to find examples for binary arithmetc, so I decided to write a package which automatically interprets all input numeric values as binary numbers, makes the appropriate calculation (by converting back to decimal, doing the operation and then converting back to binary.
There are some "interesting" functions which I learned about in undergrad: the Weierstrass function is differentiable nowhere, and the 'Christmas-tree' function is continuous at the irrationals and not differentiable at the rationals.

Well, I was quite pleaseantly suprised by how much some people at the Maple Conference 05 knew about Maplets:-Tools Set and Get. Unfortunately, DocumentTools GetProperty and SetProperty were designed to be completely different for no appearent reason. Well, a reason was given, but I didn't buy it... Anyway, here is DougsDocumentTools, which works just like Maplets:-Tools Set and Get:

Well, I've been working on a units poster for some time now... Okay, so this isn't the same as some of the blogs which are currently posted, but c'est la vie. I recall thinking how close g (= 9.80665) was to π, and only now do I learn that that is more than coincidence. When the French came up with the metre, I guess they wanted something very close to three Parisian feet, and there were at least two possibilities: 1/10 000 000 the distance from the North Pole to the Equator or the length of a pendulum which has a half period of 1 s. As it turned out, they picked the former, but as both were close appropximations to the same standard, it ended up that `≈`(sqrt(g/m), pi/s), and thus, solving for g, we get that `≈`(g, pi^2).
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