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@Markiyan Hirnyk @Carl Love

Thank you both, i finally have what i was looking for!! 

You guys are the best ;)


@Carl Love 

Thanks for the knowledge, as you can see im new and eager to learn about maple!!

Basically what im trying to do is see what integration and differentiation methods and the way it goes about doing said methods maple uses. I am writing a program in C# for a side project to learn it, and was attracted to maple by the open source/CodeGeneration combination that is really useful for someone that is learning


tl;dr : Is there any way of seeing the actual functions that differentiate/integrate strings?

Im not sure, maybe you can help me :)

Thanks again!

@Carl Love Thanks carl! This is just what i needed :) Just one question:

Inside the difftutor, i have seen the Diff function being used. Is the Diff function viewable (source code?)

The same with the IntTutor with int being used :)

Thanks for your time! 

@Carl Love Ah, this is what i was looking for thank you! to access the seperate procedures code should be easy enough! :)

EDIT: When i try to look at some of the functions this comes up

Error, module does not export `currEqn`

any ideas?


@Markiyan Hirnyk Thanks for you answer, but i think i need a way of getting all of the code within DiffTutor to see how it works :(

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