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@gkokovidis Statistics[CumulativeSum] returns floating point values.


Tom Dean

@Carl Love I saw the difference.  Went away to read the mnanual, help and Heck.  Where may I find a description of the leading operators like `=`?  I found elementwise operators.

Thanks, this does what I want.

Tom Dean

I am trying to obtain a correct solution to the problem described in

which has several obvious typos.

I have an equation of the form


How do I sort or collect this so I have

a*x - c*x = -b*y + d*y or the factored form?

Tom Dean

@Mac Dude 

I understand the difference between procedure calls and expressions.

My problem was remembering when Maple does full evaluation.  Using D(...) rather then diff(...) cleared my problems.

Tom Dean


I, most likely inappropriately, have used procedures as shorthand so larger expressions are cleaner, at least to me.  Old age is catching up...


Tom Dean

@Thomas Dean 


I used diff(...) rather than D(...)

D(...) can handle procedures.


Tom Dean


I have a much more complicated expression that I want to use procedures for.

I want to use the result of a function call as the body of a procedure.

eq := 2*t^3+9*t^2-60*t+1;
deq := diff(eq,t);

How do I define a procedure like

f := t -> deq;

I have read Rodger Kraft's article on evaluation several times and still can not manage to get this right.

Tom Dean

I don't know where Post came from.  The cotton?

It may be better to avoid using decimal points in numbers.  You can convert H to rational for better manipulation.

H:=... as beforeH:=convert(H,rational);


I am using Maple 11.

I want to produce a plot like the bode plot in Scilab.

An example is produced with the Scilab commands


I can put an example on my web site, if it will help.


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